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Centrigue now available on iOS!

Hey everybody!

Centrigue is now up on the app store! We are so delighted to see our hard work and effort come to completion, have a look at the official trailer here!

Creativity and The Happy Accident

Most of the time when I have done any sort of creative work I have ┬ánoticed this phenomenon of “The Happy Accident”.

For example, the title “Centrigue” was a Happy Accident.

I was brainstorming ideas for game names, and nothing good was coming out. The game has 8 sided patterns in it so I was typing out names like “8war” and “Zone8”. The game has asteroids in it so things like “Asteroid Clash” were hitting the screen. And finally, since the game involves a lot of rotation, I started typing variations around the words “Centripetal”, “Centrifugal”, and then I tried to type “Centrifuge”. But since I’m a rather clumsy typist, what I actually typed was “Centrigue”.┬áI was just about to hit the backspace key a few times when my brain, like a drunken Englishman, said “……….Hang on a minute…..”. I decided to run the name by a few people and see what they thought. By that evening, the title had stuck.

This sort of thing has happened so often that I feel like recognizing a Happy Accident and learning to build on it is an almost central part of most of the work I do.

Another example from Centrigue:

While using a placeholder version of the artwork for the barrier objects, we noticed that the variation between some darker and some lighter frames in the animation for the barriers was causing an interesting visual effect, where shadows and light seemed to flow down the tunnel in a wave with the player as the tunnel is traversed. This can be observed in our first gameplay video in the tunnel around 13 seconds in. (Though the lowish framerate in that video makes it a bit hard to see. Oops.):

We thought this was such a cool effect that we purposefully kept it and even developed it further in the updated artwork for the barriers, which can be observed in this second gameplay video right around the 19 second mark:


I’m curious to hear from other creative working types. Is the Happy Accident an important phenomenon in your work as well?

New Gameplay Video

Why hello!

We’ve got a new gameplay video up, and the art work it shows off makes me happy. And I mean happy like a child hearing the sound of an ice cream truck.

Is that reference too dated? Do kids still care about ice cream trucks? Perhaps not during the recent weather, at any rate. For those of you who don’t live in southern California that is. ……But I digress. What was I talking about?

Oh yes! Here’s the video:

Thanks for giving us a look!

New Gameplay Video Coming!

Hey All!

We’ve made some great art and gameplay updates and a new video is just around the corner.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on our YouTube channel:

Or follow us on twitter: @CrackZapGames

Announcing Centrigue!

CrackZap games is proud to announce Centrigue!

Centrigue is a fast paced dodge-and-shoot action game that’s currently in development for your Mobile Device.

Heres an early look at some gameplay:

Keep checking back with us for updates and a release date!